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These Jellyfish are Just Clowning Around in their PJ’s!


Do you love keeping fish and would also like to keep jellyfish?  What to do?!

You can keep them both in our Eon Jellyfish System because we have a fully-functional wet/dry filter on the back of the tank! Once your system is cycled, you can safely add fish. They also love feeding on the jellyfish food …

We have been testing our Eon 2ube Jellyfish System with 3 Pajama Cardinal fish and a pair of Clownfish. Also hanging out in the tank are 15 moon jellies about 2″-3″ diameter.

Please note, this system is fully cycled and has a heater in it to maintain a constant temperature of 72-75ºF for these tropical fish.

Everyone has been getting along and thriving for the past six weeks and only being fed our jellyfish food. Next, we will add a sea anemone specifically for the clownfish, and see how that goes!

More to be revealed soon!  But we are super excited to have a co-habitation situation happening between the fish and the jellyfish! The clownfish are extremely interactive with us and seem very happy.  The pajama cardinals are super relaxed and love the jellyfish food!





7 thoughts on “These Jellyfish are Just Clowning Around in their PJ’s!”

  1. Can you tell me a heater recommendation currently in process of cycling my eon 20 and in week 2.
    Thank you, Ron M.


    1. Hi Ron, please use a titanium aquarium heater rated @ 25W and set the temperature to 68ºF. That temp will keep the water warm, but not make it too hot as to create a lot of evaporation. That being said…the water will still evaporate so please keep an eye on the water level in the sump area and make sure it is always topped off with RO or distilled water to maintain a Specific Gravity (salinity) of 1.022-1.023.


  2. I actually tried this with a Bubble Tip Anemone and after a few days I noticed some holes in the moons and within a week the anemone had eaten 2 of the moons. Also I had an ocellaris clownfish in there which I’m told are tricky to host, so he never actually hosted. If you’re going to try it I’d suggest the least aggressive anemone species you can find.


  3. Can you recommend a resource that lists what fish are safe with Moons and won’t be in pain getting stung? Also, what is the thing hanging in your Cubic that looks like a thermometer at the top? Finally, if I had to go out of town on emergency (I know this isn’t great) what could I “Jerry rig” to ensure that the food dispensed from an automatic feeder got submerged so it didn’t just land and float on top? I am buying a “CPR Smart Feeder” (only underwater feeder I could find) and am hoping to use it in conjunction with an automatic feeder where you can dose each feeding to exact amount. I was also considering, if the previous idea doesn’t work, to get an Eheim Feeding Station (chamber penetrates the surface of the water) – and drill some holes in it so that the flow of the Kriesel tank will force some of the dry food into circulation? Thoughts? Love you!


    1. Hi Eric! Hope you’re well. Currently, we only recommend having clownfish and/or pajama cardinals in the same space as moon jellyfish. These are the only two species we have tested and they are still doing very well! Right now, these same clownfish and pjs have been in the same tank as blue blubbers! We are hoping to branch out soon to trying more different species of tropical fish to keep safely with moon jellyfish.


  4. Greetings! Do you happen to know the speed (or gallons per hour?) of the pump that is bundled with the Cubic Orbit 20? Cubic does not list the specs. I ask because one of mine needs to be replaced, as it is no longer silent. Due to the special size (tiny) of this pump, it’s tricky trying to find the proper replacement that is both small enough to fit inside the opening, but is also powered by the adapter instead of a standard power-plug. I don’t want to guess, and have it be too fast, thrashing these fragile guys into poor health. I can’t get it through Cubic because I purchased my tank on Amazon, about a year ago. When I contact Cubic they advise me to contact the store where I bought it. Unfortunately, there are no retailers of Cubic products in a 500-mile radius. I am all about buying a new one out-of-pocket (I am big on being proactive instead of having to react in a situation where I might not be able to correct it in time, without resources, or exercise control). I’d like to have the peace of mind that I can maintain my Orbit Cubic 20 aquariums completely on my own, and not be out of luck if or when the Orbit Cubic 20 were ever to be discontinued or disappear. Thanks!


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