Cubic Orbit 20 Tips and Tricks

Cubic Aeration Problem

This video is about a problem we encountered while working with the Cubic Orbit 20. Big Problem… Easy Fix! Watch our video below to see how.

7 thoughts on “Cubic Aeration Problem”

  1. Here is the parts list I used to create a bubbler inside the Orbit 20. I can provide picture, but not sure how to do that on this forum.

    Parts list for setup of air bubbler in Orbit 20

    Tetra Whisper Air Pump (10 Gallon)

    I found the Tetra pump a little noisy, so if this is a concern you could look at the aPump. Notes: You will need to get a regulator to adjust the airflow since it doesn’t come with one like the Tetra. You won’t have to get the airline tubing though since the aPump comes with some.

    imagitarium airline tubing

    2 imagitarium elbow connector

    imagitarium suction cups

    I did not get a check valve sine the tubing is above the water and no chance of water getting out, but could add if there are any concerns.

    John Guest End Stop – 3/8 (This is used to connect airline tube to larger tube inside Orbit 20)

    John Guest Reducing Union 3/8 X 1/4 (This is to put a cap on the non-used tube inside Orbit 20 to prevent leakage)


  2. this is sort of related to aeration and external connections. But does anyone have recommendations for in-line heaters and canister filters to use?

    Can someone recommend a site that has aquarium tubing parts to get from like 1/2″ or 3/4” to 1/4″ pressure connectors? (not sure that’s the right name for them)

    And can anyone tell me what the external connections are on the Orbit 20?


  3. You will need to purchase some airline tubing because I don’t think that bubbler comes with it. You can ask the fish store folks for help with’s 1/4″ o.d. tubing.
    Then just slide it into the outer ring of the tank as the video shows. Be sure an push it all the way to the bottom of the outer ring. Don’t let it linger at the top…it won’t do any good there.


  4. Hi!

    I have the cubic orbit 20 tank and am having the same problem with the pH. How exactly did you set up the air in the tank? Is there a bubbler you recommend I buy?




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