Jelly-Approved Boxed Saltwater

Say you have a jellyfish aquarium, but you don’t want to mix your own saltwater… that’s okay! Mixing saltwater at home shouldn’t be your only option. There’s now a store-bought brand of boxed saltwater that has our jellyfish stamp of approval!

Imagitarium Pacific Ocean Water can be found in a majority of PetCo stores. It’s locally sourced right here in Long Beach, California, by our friends at Catalina Water Company. It’s packaged on-site, so it’s always fresh for delivery. It’s actually the same water we have delivered to the lab to grow our moon jellyfish and Frozen Jellyfish Food!

Imagitarium Pacific Ocean Water
Only available at PetCo.

One thought

  1. Hey Cool! This is the only saltwater I use too. My jellies love it. Until now I thought this was my dirty little jellyfish keeper secret. Glad to know it’s got your seal of approval

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