1. Is it OK to use just a pad like in the video? Will Moon Jellyfish not sting you? I have tried using the pads on the wand, but have had hit or miss results with how clean the tank gets.

    Can you remove the Jellyfish as part of the cleaning process or is this too stressful for the Jellyfish? If so is there a recommended approach to removing them until the tank is cleaned? I have had two accidents so far while cleaning. Once using a tank vacuum a Jelly was caught in the vacuum it went up the tube and was damaged beyond repair. Another time using the algae scrubber on the bottom of the tank the Jelly got caught up in the pad.


    1. Hi Terance, yes you can use an algae pad like in the video. The moon jellies will not sting you; however, you must move slowly or they will get caught up in the movements of your hand/pad as you have already experienced. Just keep an eye on your hand while cleaning the tank and move slowly. If a jelly is coming close, simply move to another area in the tank to clean where there isn’t a jelly 🙂
      You can remove the jellyfish if you like. Sometimes it is easier to clean quickly without them in the tank. It isn’t too stressful for them as long as you get them back in the tank within 15 minutes or so.


  2. What is that brown stuff at the bottom of the tank? Is it bacteria? Is it waste? Is it left over food? I’m noticing that happening on my Cubic 20 tank as well (not quite nearly as much) and I was wondering if it was harmful bacteria that was growing. Should I be concern?


    1. Hi Alan, that is just algae growing, not harmful and normal. No need for concern. It’s not bacteria or waste or uneaten food….just algae growth. When you have water and light and biological activity (jellies in the tank) you will get algae growing. It’s expected. Each week when you clean the tank you can just remove that with an algae scrub pad. Wash your hands and rinse them well and then simply use an algae scrub pad to wipe and remove the algae growth (the brown stuff).


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