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DO’s & DON’T’s of Setting Up and Cycling A New Jellyfish Aquarium

DO use new saltwater with the following baseline water quality parameters: Temperature = 65-78°F Salinity = 31-33 ppt or 1.023-24 SG pH = 8.0-8.1 These are the optimal water quality parameters for keeping moon jellyfish happy and healthy DON’T add any buffers, conditioners, or additives to your aquarium water before, during, or after the cycle […]

Fish-less Cycling Program: Everything You Need to Know About Cycling New Jellyfish Aquariums

Thanks for your interest in our Fish-less Cycling Program! This program was set up back in 2016 for two reasons: 1) to help new jellyfish owners have a successful start with their new aquariums, and 2) clear up misinformation floating around the internet about the cycling process and how long it takes to successfully cycle […]