Everything in Moderation—Especially Water Changes!

By now we all should know that the true key to keeping your jellies happy and healthy is maintaining stability in your tank. Stability is achieved after fully cycling your tank for 4-6 weeks. Once cycled, water changes are a good weekly maintenance practice because pH will gradually decrease and harmful chemicals like phosphates and nitrates can build up naturally over time, even in healthy systems. Beneficial bacteria and carbon filters in your filter box take care of a good portion of keeping your tank stable, but it’s important for you to assist in maintaining the water quality by performing water changes on a weekly basis. Be aware though, changing water is not a fix-all and when done in excess can actually harmful.

You should NEVER change more than 20% of your tank’s water volume at one time… here is why:

The ammonia level will spike after a large water change due to the beneficial bacteria dying off. This can leave you with hurt and shredded jellies. The bacteria die off because they are marine organisms, too, and when you change a large portion of their aquatic environment with that big water change, they get shocked and die. Therefore, no bacteria = ammonia spike = shredded jellies.

We recommend you change only 10% – 20% of your water once a week—no more!

It’s also good to check the parameters of your new water so you are aware of exactly what you are adding to your tank.  

The point we’re making here is that water changes, although helpful, can be harmful if done in excess… like most things! 🙂

Everything in moderation.

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