How Long Will My Pet Moon Jellies Stay Alive in my Tank?

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If you’re looking into getting new pets, it’s always important to consider how long they’ll be with you, especially if you’re going to make the effort to set up a specific living space for them.

In our many years of experience, we’ve found that in small home aquariums, your pet moon jellies will typically live for about one year after their strobilation, or their ‘birth’, from the polyps.

Now that doesn’t mean they will necessarily live a full year in your tank. The distinction here is that we aren’t sending you a set of one-day-old jellies. It takes around 2 months for us to raise them to the 1-inch ‘small’ size, so by the time they get to your tank, they’ll have another 10 months to go. If you get the 2-inch medium size, it’ll probably be closer to 9 months, and so on.

But that’s only an average!

If you keep your jellies happy and fed with a stable water system, healthy bacteria, and constant water chemistry, they could last even longer. It all comes down to how well you maintain your system. And since you’re reading this blog, you’re well on your way to being a true jellyfish master– the sky’s the limit!